Poem: Sweet Poison

Sweet Poison

(Poem about fighting Addiction)

Sweet poison whispers in my ear – “Come to me”

Sweet poison presents itself – “Come taste me”

I ignore the temptations

I ignore the voice

Sweet poison takes over my thoughts – “You know you want me”

Sweet poison takes over my mind – “Look at me”

I block the image of desire

I block the thoughts of potential pleasure

Sweet poison filters into my heart – “I’m just over there”

Sweet poison removes my soul – “You need me to survive”

I detour my thoughts to grass

I walk around to escape

I try to put it out of my mind

Sweet poison lets loose it’s venom

I’ll get no peace until I give in

Sweet poison consumes me

I have to give in

Sweet poison grips me with a vice

I consume it

Sweet poison fills me with pleasure and desire

I’m not in control of my own body

Sweet poison whispers in my ear

“I own you – You came to me”

I whisper to it

“You came to me – I die with you”