MD Poem: Roommates In My Mind

A poem for Maladaptive Daydreamers written by a Maladaptive Daydreamer

I live with them, I see them, they’re with me everywhere I go I go to sleep and I wake up with them, And nobody knows That they talk to me, They live with me, To everyone else they’re blind

Who are these people?

The roommates in my mind.

Don’t know where they came from, not sure if I want them to go, They have families and histories, And wild scenarios They are me and I am them, At times I want to leave them behind

Who are these people I speak of?

The roommates in my mind

Nobody can see them, Not even me, They exist and they live, they are real to me, They leave the room when real people show up The come back when the people are gone

There’s no way to explain it, And if I did, no one would believe me

I sit alone and watch them, they exist and age in real time I

wish I knew who these people are

The roomates in my mind

PS I’m not a Schizo so don’t go there