Maladaptive DD Short Story – Anania Starlight

Teenager May Wright has a daydreaming problem that she cannot stop even if she wanted to. In her daydream she is the main character Anania Starlight who is a 8 time R&B Grammy winner and who is up for a 9th Grammy for her number one hit song, ‘Why Can’t you Just Love Me’.

Her main character Anania Starlight is a size 4 black girl, 24 years old, with dark eyes and black hair. This is in direct contrast to May who is an overweight red headed teenage white girl with braces, green eyes and freckles.

Her BFF Skylar tries to help but doesn’t know what to make of May.

This story is a one day snippet of May’s daily life and how she copes with the normal stress of being a 16 year old girl and the extra factor that no one knows about that’s called MalAdaptive Daydreaming.

Part 1 – May wakes up MDin’g
Part 2 – Skylar and May on the School Bus
Part 3 – Tina Bullies May in Class
Part 4 – May Confesses to Skylar in the Bathroom
Part 5 – Mom And May at The Therapist
Part 6. – May Confronts Mom at Dinner time
Part 7 – May and Anania Starlight at Bed Time
Part 8 – The Conclusion

 Part 1 – May wakes up MD’ing

In the Daydream

The rain had picked up as Anania’s limo pulls in front of his house. She’s nervous as she looks through the rainy wet window at his house. She presses the button for the front gate.
 “Who should I say is calling?” The butler’s voice was flat as usual.
 “Anania Starlight.” May mouths the words in a slight whisper as Anania announces herself.
 “Master has noted that he does not want to see you.”
 “Give me that!” He yelled through the intercom. “Anania I’ve told you there’s nothing between us! Do not come back to my house.”
 “BUT!” Sobs and wipes a tear. “Drake! You know how much I love you!” May wipes her tears and acts out the scene as Anania begins to break down.
“MAAAAYYYY!” May is jolted out of her daydream. Her leg was jumping the whole time the daydream was going on. Now her leg has stopped. She gets upset almost to tears and anger. “May do you hear me calling you!”
Yes Mom I hear you! The whole world hears you!” May throws the covers off of her and angrily gets out of bed.
“MAY! Stop the attitude!” Mom yells in an angry tone. The door swings open. “The school bus is coming in 30 minutes! You’re so lazy now get up and get dressed. Do you really think you should be late to school when you’re already failing your subjects! And another thing you better show up to your counseling appointment this afternoon. I will be there. Do not miss that bus!”
“I’m not FAILING! And I WILL GO!”

“Watch your tone girl! Stop with the zoning out and get ready for school!” Mom slams the door.
May grabs some clothes and stomps to the bathroom trying to regain the failed daydream.
“Stop stomping young lady!”

 Part 2 – On the School Bus

May looks out the stormy window on the bus and sits back to continue her daydream. Her leg starts to jump again uncontrollably.

In the Daydream

“Why can’t you just love me!” Anania screams into the intercom. May does not act out the scenes on the bus. She does slightly mouth the words.
 “So dramatic Anania! Right! So much drama with you. How can I make this more clear. I don’t want you!”
 “WHY WHY WHY!” Anania burst into tears in the limo.

May starts crying and screaming on the bus. “WHY WHY WHY! It just not fair!” Her friend Skylar looks over and rolls her eyes.
“Again? May! What is it! Each time you go off into space you come back with some crazy emotion and make a scene. Get a hold of yourself! Psycho! Why are you crying! And why can’t you control your leg! Jesus Christ you rock the whole bus!”
“Because…….I’m crazy?” May wipes tears shrugs her shoulders and gives a little smile.
“I’ll vote for that!”


 The mean girls, Tina and company, travel in a group like a pack of wolves and single out May.

 “Well if it isn’t the fat red-headed heifer from space!” Tina was the worst.
 “Hey Ginger girl where do you shop Moo Fitters?” Casey was her sidekick. The mean girls laugh. May retorts.
 “Yeah. I saw your both your Mom’s there and they said not to tell you two pigs that the same homeless man is both your Dads.”
 “Wooooo.” The other girls snickered. Tina and Casey turned red. Skylar slightly snorted when she laughed.
 “Let me explain something to you two. I’m all kinds of crazy and the last thing you want to do is set me off!”
“Whatever, we don’t associate with red-headed farm beasts anyways. And I don’t know what you are.” Waves Skylar off.
The girls return to their seats. May goes back into her daydream. Her leg starts back and this time a slight swaying back and forth occurs.

In the Daydream

Anania is at the recording studio when rival artist Janine shows up.
 “Well if isn’t that REJECT Anania. You only sold 100,000 copies year while I went gold twice.” Tosses hair.
 “That’s right girl toss that 25 bags of weave! I hope at least 20 of them fall off into a shredder!”
 “You stupid cow.”
 “What kind of name is Anania anyway. It’s almost as stupid as you thinking you can have Drake. He doesn’t have time for LOSERS and that’s what you are.”
Anania slapped Janine across the face and they hit the floor. She forgot there were cameras in the ceiling. The next morning papers had front headline news, ‘Anania Drake Scandal’ and ‘Anania Janine Fight’. Pictures from the cameras hit the airwaves, internet, and all tabloids. The scandal was hot. May was actively watching a CNN breaking news on the scandal when Skylar interrupted the daydream.
 “MAY! MAY!” Skylar snapped her fingers 4 times. The class was laughing at her. “You zoned out and started all that yelling. Come on it’s time to go to class.”
“Probably dreaming of grazing on the farm. I saw her rocking back and forth like the farm animals do. Right you cow?” Tina had a smirk. May jumped out of her chair to grab Tina. Skylar grabbed May.
“May! She’s not worth it! Do not waste your energy on trash like that!”
 “Oh I wish she’d hit me! I dream of carving up a rack of ribs!” Tina had thrown her books on the floor and was putting her hair in a ponytail.
 “May. Go to class!” Skylar guided May past Tina and out of the room.

 Part 3- May MD’s in Class

In the DayDream

Anania is finished recording her new hit and its night time. As she goes down the steps she catches Drake on the top step embracing Janine. They do not see Anania.
“She thinks she has a chance with you.” Janine laughed and tossed her weave. “As IF!”
“Janine she’s just too weird. She really doesn’t fit in. But you. You’re so hot.” They kiss. Anania swings a bag hitting Drake in the head and pushes Janine.
“ANANIA STOP!” Drake yelled while protecting his head.
“I hate you! I hate you!” Runs away crying. Steps over Janine. May’s eyes are fixed on the ceiling as she watched the scene in the daydream.
 “Janine are you okay?”
 “I’m fine.” Yells down the steps after Anania. “I already have a case and charges filed against you. Don’t think this won’t be added on!”
As Anania runs to her limo another grammy winner/rapper Loud Knuckles grabs her by the arm. He always spoke in rhymes. May liked this character.
“You need to tone it down before you go down town. A pretty girl like should only do whats true.”
“You think I’m pretty?” She said wiping tears from her eyes.
“Rhymes off.”
 “Rhymes off everybody” His entourage made the announcement to everyone in earshot.
 “Anania you’re beautiful. He’s a fool to not want a pretty girl like you and take the dog face Janine. You see her? She looks like her face went through a blender. Rhymes back on.”
“Rhymes on everybody.” The entourage had spoken.

“MAY!” May jumped a mile high.
“WHAT! God!” scared to death holding her chest and pounding heart. “Can anybody have ten minutes to themselves around here!”
“May you’ve got to stop zoning out and shaking and swaying . Come on!” Skylar pulled a lock of May’s red hair.
“Skylar I couldn’t stop this even if I wanted too! Believe me I have tried!”
“Come here!” Skylar grabs May by the arm and they go into the bathroom.

 Part 4 The Bathroom Confession to Skylar

 “I want to know where is it that you go when you’re zoning out? Who are you?”
 “Check the stalls!” They check the stalls and open all doors. The check the ceiling and sinks for any recording devices.
 “We’re clear now tell me!”
 “Skylar I’m not a pretty blonde skinny girl like you. I’m fat with red hair, green eyes and braces. When I zone out. I’m what I want to be.”
“May. You are you and you have to be you!”
“NO! Skylar! I can’t be me. I have to be her.”
“Her WHO?”
“Anania Starlight!”
“When I zone out I go into this episode where I’m a pretty skinny black girl whose an R&B singer with hit songs and my fans all love me. I’m a grammy winner each year. I’m rich and famous and live in a mansion and ride around in a limo and this guy I like doesn’t want me and”
“STOP!” Skylar takes a deep breath. “May this is CRAZINESS. You are not a black girl! You don’t even know any black girls or have any black friends! You’re so friggin white you can’t even TAN!”
“Well I like black people! They’re nice.”
“Ohhhh…..kay.” Skylar puts her hands on her head in confusion.
“Her hair is real and she’s absolutely beautiful. I am her in these daydreams. I am Anania Starlight.”
“I have never heard of anything like this before. May. You’re crazy.”
“I told you that!”
“Who else have you told other than me and this starlight business.”
“Nobody! They’ll lock me up in a strait jacket!”
“What else goes on in these daydreams with the black girl?”
“She’s in love with this white guy named Drake but he’s in love with another black singer Janine. But Anania”
“Whose Janine?”
“My rival. God I hate her! She thinks she’s just all that and a bag of chips!”
“Wait! You’re putting emotion into this?
“I’m attached to these people. They are real to me.”
“What?!” Skylar’s arms dropped to her side in disbelief.
“Skylar, I, Anania, just found out a rapper named Loud Knuckles who only speaks in rhymes thinks I’m, she’s pretty. Should I give him a chance since Drake doesn’t want me?”
“You’re actually asking me, if you, should date a fake person in your fake day dreams? You really really think this is real!”
“To me it is! Anania and everybody associated with her is living, breathing, loving, and has life. They have parents, grandparents, siblings, occupations, they have real emotions. It’s like a free movie that goes on in my head nonstop. All I need is popcorn, drink and a movie seat. I can’t make it stop. I have to watch it!”
“HUH?” Skylar is astonished. “May this is nothing more than an overactive imagination. Write a book.”
“It’s more than that. They day I cried on the bus. Drake told Anania, me, that he didn’t want her, me.” May cries again. “Why can’t he just love me!” She turns red and wipes tears. “I did everything for him.” She cries. “Everything!”
“Dear Jesus Joseph and Mary in Loving HEAVEN! You need help!”
“They keep trying to diagnose me as schizo or aspergers or something. Therapists won’t listen!!” May wipes tears. “Skylar please don’t tell anyone about this.”
“Absolutely not! You do need help!”


May and her mother are sitting in the counseling office while Mom goes completely off.
“I tell you I’m just sick of it! She’s failing all of her classes. She won’t get out of bed on time. She zones out while I’m talking to her. She burst into laughter or starts crying when nothing is going on, I mean nothing! Then she talks to herself in a whisper type form, acts out little scenes when she thinks I’m not watching. Then when you ask her who she’s talking to all she says is she’s crazy!”
“I am crazy.” May sits casually responding in a low voice drawing circles on the arm of the chair with her finger.
“Then if anybody interrupts her while she’s in the middle of one of her little daydreams she gets furious and starts yelling at the person! What is the matter with her!”
“May?” Mr. Green looks at her. “Can you tell me more of what’s going on with these daydreams?”
 “Not with her in the room.” Points to Mom.
 “What’s wrong with me! You’re the problem! Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”
 “May?” Doctor Green lowered his glasses.
 “Doctor Green I cannot tell you!”
 “I’ll leave then. If I’m hindering her progress to get out of craziness I will leave!” Mom gets up and leaves.
“I couldn’t tell you about this while she was here because she already thinks I’m crazy and if she finds out if have, quote, imaginary friends, end quote, then she will make me the laughing stock of the whole family. And God forbid that awful Tina and her sidekick find out. I’ll never be able to live it down. I’ll have to commit suicide!”
“Nobody is committing any suicide.” Dr. Green takes a deep breath. “May. Do you see pictures talking to you or hear voices.”
“You’re the fourth therapist to say this. Here we go again! Pictures do not talk to me. My character ages with me. I can tell the difference between the characters and reality. I do know they are not real. I do not have asperagers, not schizo, and I don’t need medication!”
“Well you just answered all my questions without me asking. I’ve never heard of this before. May this is some kind of coping mechanism but I’m not sure what. I’ll have to look into it. Meanwhile you don’t want your mother to know.”
 “Christ no! Do you know the life of hell I live already with that woman? It would be 10 times worse if she knew this. If you tell her about this I swear to God and all the Angles I will kill myself with a gun to my mouth!”
“Why are you threatening suicide.”
“Because this is embarrassing enough. I’m a teenager with pretend friends that won’t leave. They live a whole life that I will never have?”
“Let me check into this thing you’re talking about. Next time we speak I will try to have an answer.”

Part 6. – Dinner time

May will you please tell me why I cannot know about this daydreaming thing?”
“Mom you are mean to me! If I tell you about this my life will only be more miserable than it already is!”
“What have I done to you that has made you so miserable! I work all day and put food on the table, a roof over your head, braces in your mouth, and buy you clothes to wear!”
“Then you yell at me! Make me sport in front of your company! Won’t introduce me to your so called boyfriends! Totally leave me out of everything! And make me feel that I’m not your daughter! I’m a chore! I’m a task! I’m something that you just have to deal with because you were too lazy to get an abortion!”
Mom slaps May across the face.
“I don’t want to see you anymore! I don’t even want to look at you!”
“Yeah I know! You can’t stand the sight of me just like you hated Dad! That’s why he left! Because of you! If I knew where he was I’d tell him how you like to slap me and berate me at all times because I have red hair like him and I look like him!” May runs away to her room. She falls across her bed crying out loud. “My mom hates me so much!” She continues crying.
In the DayDream

Anania is laying across her bed crying. Anania imagines Drake coming into her room and placing his arms around her. She comes to reality and sees that it was just her imagination. The cell phone rings.
“Anania my pretty girl. Allow me to show you’re the world.”
“Loud Knuckles?”
“Yes oh yes darling it’s me. So tell me what it’s gonna be.”
“I’ll be ready in an hour.”
“I’ll be there at 8 double o. Be on the lookout for my limo.”
Anania takes a shower and gets ready. She runs to the downstairs closet for some heels to match her dress. The door bell rings.
“7:15? I thought he said 8.” She opens the door to find Drake standing there. “Really? Really? I don’t have a butler to do the talking for me, but if I did, you’d be off my prop-erty!”
“Been hanging around that sorry rug head Loud Knuckles huh?”
“Why is it that you can come to my door and I can’t even come in your driveway. Is this how you treat THE HELP?”
“Anania can we talk?”
“There is nothing to talk about! I told you how much I love you and spill my heart out to you and you treat me like a DOG! Well guess what! I don’t shoo away dogs at my front door unless it’s you!” Slams the door in his face. Opens the curtains. “And another thing you and Janine are made for each other. Two dogs in heat! ENJOY!”

“May.” The daydream was interrupted. A suttle knock was on her door. May didn’t answer. Mom comes in. May looks up.
“If I’m that much of a burden to you I’ll go ask granny if I can stay there. I’d hate for you to keep spending your hard earned money on a fat red headed girl that has to be slapped.”
“May. I’m sorry I slapped you but you were out of line with your comments.”
“And you’re never out of line with how you treat me! You don’t love me MOM! Why can’t you just love me!”
“May I do. I do love you! You are not a burden or a chore. You are my daughter. You father didn’t leave because of me he left for some skank. He was no good for me or you! May I love you and I am concerned about your mental health.”
“No you’re not! You are concerned about control!”
“May what did you tell Dr. Green!”
“I can’t tell you!”
“Do you have a boyfriend. Is that it? Are you having sex?”
“Mom look at me! Do I look like Skylar? Do I look like a guy would want me! No guy wants me I’m too fat white pasty and ugly! I cant’ even get a tan!”
“May you are not ugly. You do have a weight problem and we will work on that. As far as pasty, you’re fair skinned like your Dad.”
“Mom I am crazy just like you said! And I cannot and will not tell you what I told Mr. Green!”

Part 7 Anania – Bedtime

In the DayDream

Anania is on her date with Loud Knuckles. They are at an expensive restaurant drinking wine and eating caviar. Loud Knuckles calls one of his minions over.
“Present the surprise before her eyes.” She is handed a box, she opens it to find a $10,000 diamond bracelet. She puts it on. Anania looks at the diamond bracelet. It shines and sparkles with bling. May admires her empty wrists as if she is actually wearing the bracelet.
“Looks cheap to me!” Anania spins around to see Janine. May turns around as if she is in a crowded restaurant. She looks in the direction Janine would be sitting in relation to Anania.
“I hope there’s a diamond ring in here so I can punch her in her eye with it!” May aggressively mouths the words in a whisper.
“Rhymes off!”
“Rhymes off everybody!” His entourage had to confirm. Loud knuckles continues.
“The only cheap thing I see in this restaurant is you!” he pointed to Janine “You don’t fit the décor here but you will fit in a Kmart! Be gone you silly winch!”
Anania burst into laughter. May laughed out loud long and hard.
Mom was in her room and heard May laughing. She put her head in her hands and took a deep sigh.
“She’s crazy. And she won’t let me help.” She picks up the phone and makes a call. “Can I speak with Michael. Yes it’s about his daughter May. Hello Michael. Listen there’s something going on with May. If I’m calling you then you know it must be serious.”
May’s phone rings. Skylar is on the line.
“You sound a bit too happy. What’s wrong?”
“You know I’ve thinking about your problem, the black girl noisy hands, blake and all that.”
“Loud Knuckles and Drake.” May corrected her.
“Yeah. Okay. I was wondering if you’re just bipolar with an extra touch of extra crazy.”
“I don’t know what it is. But I do think I’m the only one.”
“You can’t be. There has to be others but how do we find them? Did you tell your Mom?”
“No. I will never tell her this. I will go my grave without telling her this.”
“Well. I was calling to see what the black girl did now. She sounds like fun.”
“She just went on a date with Loud Knuckles.”
“Was Janine there?”
“Yes!” May laughs out loud. “She was told to go to Kmart.”
“Oh my God! What else?”
May continues to tell Skylar about Anania Starlight and her adventures with Drake and Loud Knuckles.

Part 8 – Conclusion

Dr. Green could not find any information in any of his books describing what May was going through.

Years later after May had stopped coming he came across a website which explained everything May had said. He finally had a name to it. Maladaptive Daydreaming. He had no way to get in touch with her.
May continued to daydream for years while Skylar kept up with Anania’s singing career. May thought she was alone with this until she came across an online support group. She was overjoyed to find out there are others and she is not crazy. She started attending meetings to find out more about this unusual thing that she was born with.
Mom never found out what May told the therapist. She still wonders about it to this day. She and May have a strained relationship because Mom could not relate. She eventually found out about the daydreams but couldn’t understand it.

Michael, May’s Dad, came back into May’s life for a short period of time wanting to help and disappeared again. She hasn’t seen him in years.
Anania went on to win more grammys and eventually married Loud Knuckles. She retired from the business after she had her first baby. She now has 4 kids who are all in show business. Loud Knuckles doesn’t rhyme anymore but does teach poetry classes at the university. Drake’s fame dropped and he now teaches history for fifth graders in Idaho. Janine was busted for drug charges and is serving a 10 year sentence for trafficking.