Open Discussion: Addiction: Poem: Sweet Poison

It is no secret that adult survivors of child abuse turn to drugs, daydreaming, alcohol, sex, gambling and other addictions to make amends for the lack of love received during the formative years. In addition to the stated fact that most abusers themselves had an addiction that took them away from reasonable thinking.

I’ve had the unpleasant task of talking to people who #1. Are not survivors of child abuse and #2. Do not have addictions or at least admitting to them. These people simply tell me the following aggravating statement.

*If you just try hard enough you can stop the addiction. You just don’t want to

*Common sense outta tell you that you’re out of the situation so why are you still crying about being abused

*If you just pray hard enough Jesus will stop it

That is not how addictions work. They cannot be ‘thought’ or ‘prayed’ away. People need help to stop an addiction and help starts with addressing the initial pain.

I’ve written a poem about addictions with the intent to spell out what happens during a craving or withdrawal.


Sweet Poison


Sweet poison whispers in my ear – “Come to me

Sweet poison presents itself – “Come taste me


I ignore the temptations

I ignore the voice


Sweet poison takes over my thoughts – “You know you want me

Sweet poison takes over my mind – “Look at me


I block the image of desire

I block the thoughts of potential pleasure

Sweet poison filters into my heart – “I’m just over there

Sweet poison removes my soul – “You need me to survive


I detour my thoughts to grass

I walk around to escape

I try to put it out of my mind


Sweet poison lets loose it’s venom

I’ll get no peace until I give in


Sweet poison consumes me

I have to give in


Sweet poison grips me with a vice

I consume it


Sweet poison fills me with pleasure and desire

I’m not in control of my own body


Sweet poison whispers in my ear

I own youYou came to me


I whisper to it

You came to me – I die with you


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