Open Discussion. Child Abuse. Should Grandparents be jailed?

Should grandparents be jailed for not reporting child abuse of their grandchild by their own child?


Grandma X comes to visit Son Y. 5 year old Little Johnny is playing with his fire truck. Son Y tells Little Johnny not to turn on the siren. Little Johnny accidentally turns on the siren. Son Y throws little Johnny against the wall and punches Little Johnny in the face. Grandma X agrees that the actions against Little Johnny are appropriate and instigates more abuse. She does not report Son Y.

Two months later Son Y throws Little Jonny down the steps and kills him because he sneezed. Son Y is charged with 1st degree murder, child abuse, child neglect, wonton endangerment, child endangerment, and criminal acts. Son Y is up for the death penalty.

Grandma X, who instigated Son Y, is never asked about witnessing any abuse. She is charged with nothing even though she had a chance to report, stop, or intervene with the abuse of her now deceased grandson.

Should Grandma X be charged with as an accomplice to the murder of Little Johnny?

Each time we hear about a child abuse case we criticize the parents. There are 2 sets of grandparents. At least one set of grandparents are the ones who raised at least 1 abuser. Grandparents almost always know there is something wrong in their child’s house. The grandchildren usually tell the grandparents about the abuse or the grandparents witness the abuse first hand.

More often than not a blind eye is turned to the wrong doings in order to protect their child and the grandchild is left to fend for him/herself at any age.

Should the grandparents be held as accomplices to murder or child abuse/neglect/endangerment in the event that the grandparents know abuse is happening and either do not report the abuse or instigate?



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