OPEN DISCUSSION: Child Abuse Awareness.Prosecutors: Man repeatedly whipped son, 13, with cord

The kids from the 5o’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s were subjected to punishments like this and then some. It was not acknowledged or seen as child abuse. It was seen as normal everyday discipline. Even if a kid went to the hospital the doctors and nurses simply gave the kid a Bible verse, “Honor your Father and Mother” and sent the kid back home.

The fact that this is now seen as child abuse with jail time is a very good sign that child abuse awareness has heightened.  

Here is the wording of the article if the link does not work.

Chicago man has been charged with felony domestic battery after prosecutors say he repeatedly struck his 13-year-old son with an extension cord when the boy was sent home from school in May.

Mario Boone, 38, was arrested Saturday and appeared in bond court Sunday.

On May 27, the boy was brought home from school for failing to bring a parent to parent-teacher conferences, Assistant State’s Attorney Andres Almendarez said at the bond hearing. After the boy was dropped off at his home in the 11000 block of South Sangamon Street, his father, Boone, became angry with him and ordered the boy to remove his clothing and go down to the basement, prosecutors said.

As the boy removed all clothing except for his underwear, Boone punched him in the face, Almendarez said. Boone then met his son in the basement and

The boy then curled up into a ball on the ground as his father continued to whip him with the cord for about 10 minutes, prosecutors said. Boone then stopped hitting the boy, washed his hands and then hit him four more times, according to prosecutors.

The boy suffered more than 50 welts and slashes over his body and did not receive medical treatment until two days later, after Boone took him to his grandmother’s house, Almendarez said. During that time, Boone did not allow his son to go to school due to his visible injuries, prosecutors said.

When the victim’s grandmother saw his injuries, she called his mother who took the boy to South Shore Hospital and called the police, prosecutors said.

“To this day, the victim remains with scarring on his face, back, leg and arm area,” Almendarez said, adding that he did not have information as to why the man was arrested nearly five months after the incident.

Boone was arrested Saturday morning at his new home, in the 8000 block of South Colfax Avenue, according to court documents. The 13-year-old boy has been living with his mother since the incident, prosecutors said.

Boone’s attorney, Jeffrey Moskowitz, said Boone has another child and has continued to provide for both children. The man has not had any contact with his son since the incident, Moskowitz said.

“I am very disturbed by this,” said Cook County Circuit Judge Peggy Chiampas, as she looked at photographs of the boy’s injuries.

Chiampas then set Boone’s bail at $10,000.

Boone is due back in court Friday.


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