Violence Against Children Act of 2011. Current Status. Dead in Congress.

This was a bill that was introduced on January 25,2011 by Junior Senator Barbara Boxer. California. Democrat.

112th Congress 1st Session. S. 175.

A previous version of this was introduced in 2010 and also died in Congress.

The purpose of this bill was to “provide enhanced Federal enforcement and assistance in preventing and prosecuting crimes of violence against children.”

How can we try again to revive this bill? Abused children need protection and each state has a very weak format.

I’d like to add that it should be Federal Crime to video tape the beating of children, or their own child masturbating and put it on social media in order to gain attention or have other viewers encourage or comment on the video.

That man who filmed his 11 year old son discovering himself has not been turned in for putting his son on facebook display after filming him doing what he was doing. A bill like this would protect that boy and have the father in prison where he belongs.

It should be an outrage and not a facebook entertainment show.


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