Excessive child discipline disturbs bystanders


See the free link here from the Chicago Tribune. This spring I was in Kroger. This cute, sweet, darling little red-headed boy wanted to help me at the self scan. He put my things in the bag and he pushed one button. I thought he was adorable. Then he wanted to tell me all about his day at school and what he learned. He was a happy little 5-year-old.

His grandmother caught wind of this and grabbed the boy by his shirt, shook him, yelled at him, and slapped him across the face. The boy turned bright red and cried at the abuse he’d just suffered. Nobody said a word and I didn’t know what to say or do.  I know what I wanted to do but I cannot risk jail time. I was thinking.

Do I tell security?

Do I call the police?

Do I confront the parent/guardian?

Do I get the store manager?

What should we as a society do when we see a child being abused? Not just in public places but also at our friend or neighbors houses?