Open Discussion: Adult Survivor of Child Abuse. Mommie Dearest. Christina Crawford

My Letter To Christina Crawford

Christina if you ever see this post by chance for any reason I want you to know that in 1979 I was 8 years old and still going through the abuse. I was a powerless child and did not understand what was happening.

I didn’t see Mommie Dearest until I was in my late teens and had escaped the abuser. When I watched the movie in its entirety I immediately and completely identified with each and every second of the movie and what you went through.

Thank you Christina for stepping out and opening the door for those of us who were still going through it and have survived. The strength it took for you to not only step out and say what you had to say, but also to take the abuse, aftermath, horrible comments, and those who were bent on discrediting you and still hold your dignity and self-respect through it all.

You have no control over those who choose to believe the alternate reality they were shown without the actual truth.

Christina Crawford also known as Joan Crawford’s daughter is a child abuse survivor. She took a brave step in 1979 and wrote a book based on her own life experience of child abuse which we know as ‘Mommie Dearest’. She took an additional brave step of going on the Phil Donahue show and speaking publicly about how child abuse can follow you into adulthood. If you have not been taught, or given the opportunity to process the traumatic events in a healthy way it can remain a problem.

Most of the responses Christina received in 1979 were insensitive, inconsiderate, and were spoken from a point of view of ignorance.

One such comment made towards Christina was, “You don’t tell the world about this. You tell a few close friends and family.” This suggests that Child Abuse Survivors are to handle the abuse and suffer in silence. Or shun our feelings as not to disrupt the rest of the world with anything that should be dealt with. Its suggesting that this is a secret and should be handled as such.

It is also suggesting that people like Christina should live to the standards of others, even though others, did not experience what she experienced or go through what she went through. Others cannot live my life for me. Why should me , Christina, or any other survivor live to others standards when we are the ones who are suffering? Doesn’t make sense does it?

Joan Crawford was a public figure and lived life in a public eye and in doing so had to maintain a perfect outward appearance. The abuser that I had was not a movie star or a public figure. My abuser was a car salesman and an insurance salesman, however, we were held to the same public eye figure. We were to present to the world that we were a happy family while abuse happened behind closed curtains and doors.

Due to the perfect image abusers portray it makes it highly difficult when a public figure like Christina or a normal person like me steps out and states the abuse. Others do not believe it and rudely call us liars to our face. Why do they discount us that easily?

Because the abuser puts up a screensaver. The screensaver is always looks nice, in order, and clean. Once the screensaver is off, what’s behind it is usually not in any kind of order. That’s what Christina was up against for her life. I’ve fighting the screensaver since the day I was born.


Below are the links to the Phil Donahue show where Christina tells everything as it is and as it was. I understood 100% every word that came out of her mouth. The last link is from 2013 where Christina still holds her self-respect and dignity and is still fighting the fight for those of us who at different points in our journey.

Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4

 Christina 2013





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