Child Abuse in the USA: You have until age 23 to file against any abusers

after that, the statute of limitation is up. What does this mean for you?


What is the logic behind this? You can’t file before you are 18 or after 23. This leaves 5 or 6 years window for someone to do the following:

1. Find a good paying job in order to have money to pay for a long-term lawyer.

2. Gather any and all evidence against the abuser for the last 18-23 years. (even if you were a baby you should have been gathering evidence in your crib evidently)

3. File against the parents for abusers in court and wait for a motion from the lawyers.

4. Take time off of your good paying job to go to court with your paid lawyer.

5. In the end you will basically be told, “You’re an adult now so you should be over that.” or “That’s your parent/guardian, you needed to follow the rules.” or “As long as you were under their roof they had a right to do whatever they did.”

6. The Titanic has nothing on how fast  you will sink in that courtroom. You’ve wasted your time and money and the abuser gets away anyway.


Q. What is the logic of this stupidity on this stupid statute of limitations on child abuse survivors?

A. There is no logic. This is STUPID beyond any reasoning and all belief!

Because, most 18 year olds I know are either getting out of high school and going to college, or working a fast food restaurant, or at the mall, pregnant, looking for work, or don’t have the education or degree to obtain a job that will pay enough to retain a lawyer! So how, can he/she, who is broke, even begin to file against the parent or abusers? It’s a FAIL/FAIL situation!


These crooked lawyers and judges don’t want to hear an 18-23 year old stand there crying about the abuse they suffered when they were 2, 5, 10, 12, 16, last year or whatever.

They ask the MOST stupid questions ever to detour you!


Judge/Lawyer: “Why didn’t you report it then?”

Most people have this answer. “I DID! But I was not listened to because I was a MINOR!”

Judge/Lawyer: “Well its too late now  you should have told authorities”

Most people say this. “I DID! But I was not listened to because I was a MINOR!”

Judge/Lawyer: “Why didn’t you say something when you turned 18 or after you turned 18?”

Most people say this. “I AM! Right NOW!”

Judge/Lawyer: “Well you should have said something back then”

Most people say this. “I DID! But I was not listened to because I was a MINOR!”

This circular argument/nonsense/anti-reasoning can go on all day in a courtroom.


So if you are a survivor or Child Abuse and you had no idea that this statute of limitations was going on, and you’re over the age of 23…………I’m in the same poop boat with you. Believe me it stinks!

The only way we are going to get a solution on this dumb statute is to make people aware that this is the case in the United States of America. The opportunity to change this will arise once more people are aware of this and have a chance to speak up.

Many people are just walking around feeling how they are feeling because they don’t know that there can be a change.



Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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