Open Discussion: Child Abuse: Georgia has no law to report abused kids

This beautiful child’s name was Heaven Woods. She was 5 years old and lived in Rome Georgia. She was murdered by her pregnant mother and her father. After previous abuses the little girl died from blunt force to her abdomen.

Click on the link above to go to AJC.COM and read about how GA is NOT one of the states that has a law to report abused children. Or look up Heaven Woods and the story show. hospitals, schools, doctors, and officials are required to report, however, an average person on the street who sees a child being abused is not required to report.

Reasons given as to why people do not want to get involved:

1. The abuser may be angry with them for reporting the abuse.

2. Some people refuse to believe that others are hurting a child.

3. Some people feel that its only discipline and the child will be better off for it no matter how harsh.

4. People don’t want to get involved in other people’s households.

5. It’s not their kid and the old cop out excuse, “Well everybody is different. That’s just their way.”

6. Some people don’t want to have to go to court and testify or feel that placing their name on paperwork sets them up.

7. Some people feel the kid needs to grow “thick skin” and learn and the only way to learn is to beat them.

8. If a child is seen with bruises and the parent lies and says, “Oh he was playing baseball and fell” then why would someone else not believe it? Its their kid so they would know. Right?

9. Some people feel if the kid is “bad” then he needs to be beaten. People do not take into consideration that the child is “bad” because he IS being abused and is acting out from the abuse.

10. Family members do not want to admit and turn a blind eye to other family members who abuse their kids. Families do not want to admit there is a problem in the family. (it might make then look bad)

There are more reasons than these 10 stated above. Is any child’s  life worth any of these reasons?


Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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