Open Discussion: Child Abuse. Ex-soldier apologizes for fatally beating daughter

Ex-soldier apologizes for fatally beating daughter

This is the link to the story.

My question: Why apologize now? What the hell did he do it for? Not only that, he allowed the mother to beat this child every single day! Then when she didn’t get up after a beating they sit and cry. There is a special place in the depths of hell that’s nice warm and toasty for these two fools.

All this little girl wanted was love and looked to her parents for protection. They didn’t give her either one of those basic things. They gave her death! Now he wants to plead for his life after taking hers. The death penalty is to good for these sick creeps!

They should be made to sit an hour a day with her death pictures in their jail cell to see what how she died at their hands. And they should be forced to go to her grave every single day and sit on it until they can’t take another round of seeing where they placed her. Then hand them the gun and let them off themselves.

This is so angering to me. People who want to hurt children for their own pleasure sicken me.


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