Open Discussion: Can Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Sue The Abusive Parent At Any Time?

Since a child is a minor and has no rights. And since children usually cannot afford a lawyer. And since age 18 is considered a legal adult and most 18 year olds have no money. One would think that the statue of limitations would be expanded to atleast 30 years or older to file against mom and pop pop for the abuse they inflicted on poor defenseless kids.

That is not so. After researching it seems that most states have a limit of ages between 18 and 25 for a kid to file against their parent for abuse. Most people that age are either waiting tables, in a school dorm, working a low job  or have a kid.


#1. most people have no idea that they are under a timed deadline for filing anything

#2. even if they did know, how can they afford a lawyer on minimum wage, student loan refund check, washing cars or an IHOP paycheck.

They can’t!

On a scale of 1 – 10 how crazy does this sound? I give it a 100 plus.

What the courts do not realize or refuse to acknowledge is that there are life long lasting effects of child abuse. Just because a kid turns 18 and moves out does not mean it stopped or he’s all of the sudden over it. There are physical and mental effects that last a lifetime.

And yes, its the parents or caretakers fault for the abuse, and a the law suit that should have been filed, when the kid was 5 or 15, needs to be filed now, because when the kid was 5 or 15, it couldn’t be filed, because the kid had no job and no money! (run on sentence I know but I’m trying to make a point)

There are select lawyers who will take on a ‘complex case’ such as an adult survivor over the age of 40 wanting to sue thier parents. But again, they are very costly.

What are the benefits of filing against the abusive parents?

The number one reason would be vengeance with the exception of sexual abuse or permanant physical damage. In that case it would be seeking justice.

The second through fifth reason is to release the pinned up hurt, justify the anger, and gain control of you through seeing them punished.

What punishment do the abusive parents get?

In rare cases it could be jail time. In other cases a light fine but in most cases NOTHING. It just goes on file and the judge tells you that you’re too old for this nonsense and to get over it, grow up, be an adult for once in your life blah blah blah….

What is the aftermath of the court case?

NOTHING! You will have the same relationship with your parents that you had before you walked into the courtroom. The solace you’ll get it knowing that its on file somewhere and those people in that courtroom  heard what awful people they were. The humiliation factor of them is priceless!! Otherwise, nothing.

So what can survivors of abuse do to get justice against thier parents?

Up until the 1990’s nothing. All they had was a newspaper and radio. Before that the town crier and ditto machine. You were stuck. But today you have face book, twitter, instagram, the tv and internet, etc so that you can put your parents on blast. Use pictures up and rip them to high heaven with the truth. The whole world can now see when someone acts a fool.

It putting parents on blast through social media a good idea?

Probably not. They can take you to court. But you’ll feel better knowing that they have been exposed and will look bad in court showing the evidence on themselves that you presented.

**It may look bad if your parents are in a nursing home or on oxygen, missing a leg or paraplegic or something and you file against them and take them to court. I’m just saying to weigh your options.**



Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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