Open Discussion: Child abuse. Abused and snapped. Tracie English

If Tracie ever sees this blog I just want to tell her. “I always believed you. I always supported you. I never doubted a word you said.”

Below are links to Tracie’s story.

1989.  In short, she was abused by her father, cried out for help, no one listened, she had to defend herself.  She went to court where she was failed by the system, convicted of murder, and sentenced.

 1995.  Her sentence was commuted by the Governor along with other abused women who acted in self defense.


Although we are both from Louisville, KY and the same age I’ve never met Tracy. We went to different schools. Having escaped the abuse and it still being fresh I felt that if they wouldn’t listen to her then I certainly wouldn’t have been listened to, in the event that I would have done what she did. The prosecution seemed bound and determined to make her out to be a liar.


Q. Why am I bringing Tracie up?

A. Because while I was being abused, 1971-1986. I thought constantly about doing exactly what she did to get out of the abuse.  I was never sexually abused. I was pyscially, verbally, emotionally, and mentally abused.  In 1986 a loaded gun was placed to the right side of my head by my abuser when I was 14. If I could have turned the gun around on to my abuser and pulled the trigger I would have been in Tracie’s situation on a murder charge and in a Jefferson County courtroom as a minor.


Q. Am I condoning what Tracie did?

A. I am not condoning what Tracie did. I do understand she was pushed to a breaking point and past her limits. I understand that if someone feels they’ve done everything they could do within humanly possible realms, and still feels unsupported that it can get to this point. I understand that enough is enough and it has to stop. I also understand that if someone is constantly tormenting or bothering someone else in inappropriate ways that it can cause someone to snap.


Q. What has changed since Tracie’s trial?

A. Because of her, child abuse has been studied more than it was. It’s on the records now, in 2014, to place a new syndrome that would work to protect battered children who act in self defense. It would work much like the Battered Women Syndrome.

Tracie and people like her helped this to come about. Future children who find themselves in this situation will now have some support to state their case.

Tracie’s story is not unique nor is she the only one. There were several people before her who defended themselves and there are people after her who will do the same.;wap2


4 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Child abuse. Abused and snapped. Tracie English

  1. I also agree Traci is nothing like what the first poster put. She is having a tough time in dealing with her past still to this day. She is shy and timid. Failed again by this system of life. She really could benefit from some center for women and family therapy sessions. To help her cope with her past and to know how to no longer be the victim. Her family should of helped her when she was younger instead of blaming and pushing her away. As they still do to this day. She is looking for love in all the wrong people and has yet to forgive herself and learn to love her self.

  2. You have no idea who she is I know her personally she was my girlfriend for 3 1/2 years I now have a protection order against her for the abuse I suffered and she exaggerated her abuse there was some but Tracie killed him for the money she shot him while he was asleep years later Tracie almost killed her ex girlfriend by beating her with a baseball bat and now she still is a master manipulator and very talented at it don’t be fooled by her she is dangerous

    • Are you still in Louisville? Last I checked she was in California. I ran into her mother in the mid 90’s at a Louisville church where my family was attending. Her mother painted Tracey out to be a liar, streetwalker, and everything else bad. She had the church mesmerized with these tales. None of which I bought. After speaking to her mother I can see how she would not have listened to or tried helped Tracy when she needed it. I’m not praising Tracey or condoning any actions but with a mother like that and a father who can take advantange of a teenage girl during a time when abuse was not recognized or even acknowledged I can see her having a few problems. I had problems. I almost had to resort to what she did just to make them stop. Thank God someone finally listened to me. Whatever you saw with Tracy and others like her, which does include me, stems from wonderful Louisville Jefferson County justice system who makes it a point to punish abused kids and reward the abusers.

    • This is all false I knw Trace and people try and use her past against her to get there face in the spot light that person held her hostage. Said lies… Trace is sweet and innocent very shy.. The person above held her hostage and tried to ruin her life and her family continue to stalk Tracie from what I am from Tracie family. It has takin years to repair the rampage old girl is like Jodi Arris leighanna

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