Open Discussion: Child Abuse. Minors have no say in a courtroom. Police, Teachers and Judges discount them

On many many occasions abused children tell someone that the abuse is happening. For the most part children are discounted, shut down or not listened to.

 What happens when kids tell the police they are being abused?

 The police report cannot be taken by a police officer because:

 1) there is no adult present

2) they are a minor (under 18)

3) the kid usually has no proof because he/she is going to the police under the radar so the parents won’t know they’re being told on.

 What happens when kids tell school officials they are being abused?

1) they are not believed

2) the school doesn’t want to handle it so they send the kid back to class

3) they call the parent and the parent tells the school the kid is a liar and it is dismissed

4) in very rare occasions the school will call law enforcement.


 What happens when the kid goes before a judge and tells his/her account of abuse?

 1) the judge decides the kid is just a bad kid and sends him/her back home with the abusive parents

2) the kid goes into a foster home where the chances of abuse are less likely but can still happen

3) the parents convince the judge that the kid is either making the story up or somehow is to blame for the abuse

4) if the parents have enough money and friends in high places the kid will never go before a judge


Movies, Blogs and Books about abused kids turning on their parents

 * Listen to Janie’s Got A Gun sung by Aerosmith

* Watch the movie Firstborn with Terri Garr and Peter Weller


The link leads to: When Kids Kill Abusive Parents.


This link leads to When Abuse Kids Fight Their Parents


Possible results of kids not being listened to by Police, Teachers and Judges.

This happens a lot more than we think. It’s never reported on the news or made public a kid has killed the parent because they wouldn’t stop the abuse. And after a kid has done everything he/she thinks can be done, and still not being listened to.

Society PURPOSELY turns a blind eye to child abuse and the aftermath. Nobody wants to hear it. Nobody wants to address it.


1) kids kill their parents or beat them up badly

2) kids never speak to their parents again. Exclude them from their life completely

3) kids move to another city and never go back. Even for a funeral.

4) In rare cases the kid takes the abusive parent to court and sues them. Most are unsuccessful because of the most stupid thing you can think of

                 **Honer Thy Father and Mother**

Even if they are abusing you. This is why the abused kid loses the case

So can an abused kid or a survivor do?

Join a support group or go to therapy. Otherwise you are screwed big time.


Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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