Open Discussion: Child Abuse. Part 3. Why child abuse against black children is ignored in the black community.

First. It is not ignored in the whole black community, just half of it.

Second. The half that is not ignoring the abuse takes a battering if they try to step in and save the child that’s being abused.

Last. The abusers of the child usually do not stop at the child. They abuse everyone in their presence. Anyone who tries to stop the abuse is verbally abused and sometimes physically assaulted.

Point in case. Black mother slaps daughter at 5 Points Marta Station in Atlanta

I was at the Marta Station loading my card when an overweight teenage daughter, mother and grandmother were going through the gates. The daughter’s card did not work. Once she got through the mother called her all kinds of B’s, slapped the girl 4 times, and told her she was fat and worthless.

The girl wailed loudly and cried hard. The grandmother tried to protect the granddaughter and the mother jumped on the grandmother. Marta Police came through the gates and told the mother they can press charges for public assault on the girl. The girl kept saying “She always hits me. She hates me. She hates me.” and then screamed “Well I hate you too!”

The mother cussed out the Marta Police and told them this was family matter and none of their business and to leave them alone. The mother became violent, profane, and threatening. The daughter said she was going to kill herself. The Marta Police had to call Atlanta PD.

I left to catch the train so I wouldn’t be late to work. I don’t know what happened after that. That scene was all too familiar and disturbing to me. I identified with the sad girl. What happiness does this girl have? How long has this girl been living in this hateful environment? Is her weight problem due to stress? Does she have a problem in school due to feeling like a failure?

This scene is a classic scene that plays out all across black America in different types of households and black children are mistreated from age 0-18.  It goes unnoticed and unchecked. NOT because they are black. It goes unchecked because the mothers response to help in this situation is the typical response anybody gets when a black abusive parent is confronted with the fact that they are doing damage to the child.

My abuser, Abuser 1, had the same response when Abuser 1 was told that I should not be beaten up over a spoon on the table, or for not checking the mail. Those are not reasons to bloody a child’s nose. However, more often than not, in the black community kids are on the receiving end of a fist over trivial, minor things like that.

You may say to yourself, “I know white kids or asian or Mexican kids that are be beat over stupid stuff too. It’s not just black kids.”

The Black Community is a whole separate subject. Unless you’ve lived in it, understand it, know the ins and out of it, and know the sub American culture of being black, you won’t fully understand why this is such a big issue that is also a hush hush issue.


Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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