Child Abuse: Part 1. The learned victim mentality in the Black Community

Child Abuse: Part 1. The learned victim mentality in the Black Community

Coming soon: Part 2. Child Abuse: Why mental problems are not addressed in the Black Community. Part 3. Child Abuse: Why abuse against children is ignored in the black community.

The learned victim mentality in the Black Community

This learned mentality is not in every black household. You may think it’s only in the poverty-stricken households or broken homes, but no. This mentality can be found in high income, million dollar, and well to do middle class black households.

 This may come as a shock to some people who live in 2014. This may anger some black people who do not want this exposed.

The truth is black children are abused physically and sexually in all income brackets and home sizes. And nothing being done about it. Nothing!!

 Black children are being abused mentally by black parents and black grandparents by being told the following;

1. They will never amount to anything because they are black

2. They are encouraged NOT to make A’s in school because that is for white people.

3. They are told NOT to speak proper English because that’s “acting white”

4. Told that they cannot be successful because white people will ignore it or take it away from them.

5. Some are given unique names, you know what I’m talking about, in an effort to separate them from white society.

6. And black boys are being told not to worry about academics but focus on sports. Sports is the only way a black boy can be successful.

7. Other black boys are taught that the quickest way to get money is to be rapper, or sell drugs. Going to school, getting jobs, having a bank account. That’s is for white people.

8. Wearing suits, wearing pants correctly, combing hair and shaving, is for white people. or people “acting white”

9. He/She is called a “sell out” if they go to college, speak properly, get an office job, have a savings account, or shop at a real grocery story instead of the 2nd day bakery. All of that is “acting white”.

Again. Not all black households are like this. This is not just poverty-stricken areas. This is across the board from those who ride the bus right up to those who ride in a BMW or own yachts on the Atlantic Ocean.

Some black children are learning at an early age to fail themselves before they even have a chance to know was success is.

These children grow up with these thoughts by those they live with. Once they hit puberty they see themselves as victims and white people as oppressors and that’s where the behavioral problems increase.

A small percentage of black kids have been given “unique” names by their parents to set themselves apart from white kids. Because of this and the learned victim mentality they are likely to end up 2 places.

1. Alternative school

2. Jail, prison, penitentiary.

Point 1.

They learn very quickly in jail where the failure happened. But it’s too late then because they are already serving time for doing something stupid trying to prove that they are not “acting white”

Point 2.

I asked a police officer about the percentage of black men and women who are in jail with these “unique” names.

The police officer responded that there is a high percentage of black people in jail with “unique” names. There are some black Susan’s, Janet’s, and men named Richard, and Shawn.

However, the percentage of Quisha’s, Keba’s, and Niqua’s; and Daquarius’s, Trey’s, anything starting with Ja and ending with Shawn, and anything starting with La, Fa, She, Du, Ja, Trey, and Za make up the prison population.

Because of this black people are often lumped into a ‘one size fits’ all category. Those who do not fit this profile/stereotype often suffer because the small percentage who do are publicized.

So the questions are:

  • How do we protect young black children with impressionable minds from being taught the victim mentality?
  • How do we undo the “fail before you even have a chance to start” on a young child?
  • How do we publicize the statistics of these ‘unique” names and the jail population?
  • Why is this happening?



Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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