Open Discussion: Poem – Intensive Care

Child abuse victims and survivors find some way to escape from the abuse or memories of abuse. I developed 2 things. Maladaptive Daydreaming and Creative Writing as a result of the Daydreaming. I lived in a fantasy world attached to my fantasy family and fantasy friends. When my fantasy friends disappeared I felt alond and depressed. I ‘ve always been one who felt everything so deeply.

At times I felt so deeply that I felt my soul ripping apart. In order to release the inner pain my soul emptied itself on paper in the form of poems connected to God. Here is one poem I wrote almost 10 years ago. I hope you enjoy.

Intensive Care

My Soul was in intensive care
My spirit full of holes
I was not of sound mind and body
I was an empty shell full of woes

I fell from an incredible height
It was a long, long way down
During the fall I felt his presence
I saw his face and thorned crown

I heard his words echoing
In and out of my mind
“While your soul was in intensive care
I never left you behind,

I was with you every time,
Each time you shed a tear
I hear your prayers of despair
And I heard your fears.”

Before I finished that fall
I felt the palm of God’s hand
I looked around and saw
This was the best place to land

My soul was in intensive care
And yes I did take a fall
And before I hit bottom, God rescued me
And my soul he will repair all.


Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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