Open Discussion: Do you think you were born with MD? Can you change or stop MD in coded DNA?

The aim is to help us heal ourselves and each other from Maladaptive Daydreaming, Abuses, and PTSD. 


This my drawing of a radio because music is a trigger for MD. It’s not MichaelAngelo but you get the point right?

I was born in the 70’s. As a small girl I remember a transister radio playing. I ran all through the house trying to find out who was singing. I found myself in the living room watching a lady with blonde hair, white dress, and no feet, floating in the air singing the song from the radio. She was absolutely Beautiful. She disappeared when the song went off.

You might think this was a hallucination. This raises a question of how can a 2 or 3 year old hallucinate? You may think it might have been my mother, sister, or aunt or somebody like that. Well we are black people and have no blondes in the family. You may say, oh, babies see angels all the time. It could very well have been. I’ve thought of these too. But the problem is, each time since then when I heard music a different person would show up with the music, and disappear when the music stopped. It was never the artist who was actually singing it. It was kind of like a little show I’d watch or in some cases a concert. As a child I didn’t know that the lady wasn’t real. As I got older I could tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I knew she was not real.

My point is I believe I was born this way. Its programed into the DNA fabric of me. How do you change a ‘genetic defect’, for a lack of better words, to make it stop? I’ve tried several solutions for this and nothing seems to work. Do those of us who were born this way need to chalk it up to say this is how God made us and leave it alone? Or continue to find a way to counteract DNA coding?

What do you think? Are we born this way?


Be courteous, ask questions, be respectful of others and thier feelings.

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