Open Discussion: Lemon Balm and Stopping MalAdaptive Daydreaming (MD). Does it work?

Lemon Balm has been used for centuries for mental illnesses such as Hallucinations, auditory disturbances,  and other mental illnesses. I tried Lemon Balm as a means to stop MalAdaptive Daydreaming. For 3 weeks it stopped 90%. The other 10% came and went in small surges.

This was my experience with it.

1. I was able to focus better without the interference of MD
2. I felt more in control of my time
3. I was able to think clearly.

Different people have different effects, the bad side effects for me were.

1. I felt like I had lost a best freind. Lonely
2. It was like they were out of town. I couldn’t get used to the silence.
3. I felt a part of, me, was missing. I’d had this my whole life and now it was gone.
4. I felt unwoven. Like a withdrawal.

I took it for 4 days and the effect lasted for 3 weeks. Nearing the end of the second week it came back gradually. The end of the 3rd week it was back full force.  I seemed to me stronger than it was before. Everybody has a different experience.  You won’t know how it will effect you until you try it. I tried at my own risk and wanted to share with you what happened with that risk.

Lemon Balm seems to work for reducing or taking away MD.


6 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Lemon Balm and Stopping MalAdaptive Daydreaming (MD). Does it work?

    • Hi, I started out taking the dosage on the bottle. I then increased a very very tiny little bit just to see what would happen. I strongly recommend only taking what is written on the bottle until you see how it effects you. Each person’s body reacts differently to herbs and/or medications.

  1. I’m so glad it’s not in my head. I planted lemon balm in my garden because I liked the smell and later heard that it had many health benefits. I started drinking it as a tea and would notice an immediate change in my mental state. I haven’t used it in a while, maybe because the lack of interest by everyone around me lead me to believe it was some sort of placebo that I was experiencing. I have only just found out about MDD. I don’t know if I experienced a difference in MDD with the lemon balm (I may have, I just can’t remember) but I was under a lot of stress and very unhappy at the time and started experiencing brain fog. The lemon balm had an immediate clearing effect on that.

  2. I will try this (lemon balm herb) as I am 52 now and I feel like MD has sucked so much of my life away. I didn’t used to think it was such a bad thing, just something harmless that made me feel better. But I understand now that it has kept me from moving on with my life and actually getting a real life. I felt safe and loved inside my fantasy world and it was so much nicer than what I felt the outside (real) world was. Outside of MD, I felt unloved and unlovable. I felt that there was something disgusting about who I was, that I was so basically flawed that no one would love me. Everyone in my family was emotionally unavailable/emotionally distant and rather than deal with it, they just made me feel that I was too needy for wanting normal healthy displays of love and support. So I tried to be invisible within my own life and MD was just easier than trying to confront everyone about how they acted. They all just stood together and said the problem was me. So I used MD to make me feel safe and keep me from feeling overwhelmed by my situation. But I look back now and see that being inside MD kept me from actually forging a real life. I was too afraid to be in a real relationship with someone who actually cared about me. I didn’t know how to related to someone like that. Someone like that would frighten me because I had never known that kind of situation. So I would find a reason to leave and blame the other person for not being alright emotionally. Because I was fine and there was nothing wrong with me – or so I told myself. So MD kept me “safe” in that environment but it also held me back from dealing with and overcoming my issues. I was always trying to overcome them but I never knew where to start or how to start. I was wandering in the wilderness, so to speak. I went to 12 step meetings for children of alcoholics for many years but then the meetings were harder to find (not so many people coming) and I didn’t go to them anymore. Also I thought that I was “fixed” now and didn’t need to go anymore. I did feel better but I got to a point where I thought I was done there and could get on to having a normal life that didn’t include 12 step meetings. But they were very helpful when I was going. I did cover a lot of ground emotionally.

    • Elizabeth thank you so much for sharing your story!! I totally relate to everything you said and are saying. I too felt unlovable for so much of my life. Lost a few good men who really loved me and wanted to be with me because I couldn’t relate. Lemon Balm did help but it was hard to get adjusted to not having ‘them’ around. I was able to focus but it was like they were just out of town and coming back soon. Research everything you can on Lemon Balm before taking it. It effects people differently and you won’t know how it will effect you until you actually take it. Please let me know how it worked for you. Take care.

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